June Hersh 

                                                                   Author... Speaker... Food Archivist

I write books with a charitable flavor.  My first, Recipes Remembered, a Celebration of Survival, Ruder Finn (May 2011) was written in association with the Museum of Jewish Heritage- a Living Memorial to the Holocaust.  I interviewed over 150 Holocaust survivors and retold their stories and recreated their cherished recipes.  Now in its sixth printing, we have sold close to 20,000 copies with all proceeds benefitting the Museum of Jewish Heritage or other Holocaust-related institutions and organizations.  In connection with Recipes Remembered, my husband and I traveled across the country and hosted more than 100 book talks.  Additionally, I was a featured guest on QVC "In the Kitchen with David" wherein under six minutes, we sold close to 6,000 copies! articles I have written on the topic of Jewish cooking have appeared in many well-regarded food blogs and magazines and I have made several TV and radio appearances discussing the book and Jewish food. I continue to do book talks and would be happy to discuss those opportunities with you.

On the heels of Recipes Remembered, I wrote The Kosher Carnivore, St. Marten's Press (September 2011), a primer on how to buy and cook kosher meat and poultry. The book was filled with great tips and techniques and lots of wonderful pareve side dishes.

In 2013, I interviewed over 150 survivors and liberators for Still Here, Inspiration from Survivors & Liberators of the Holocaust.  The compendium of photographs and quotes illustrate the resilience and insights of these two remarkable communities.  We released the book at a gala held at New York's Jewish Museum with UJA's Self Help being the beneficiary of proceeds from the sale of the book.  The late Eli Wiesel graces our cover, in what was to be his final formal portrait session. Copies can be purchased online at www.stillherebook.com

Most recently, I have contributed a volume to the Edible Series a Global History published by Reaktion Books, in the UK.  My contribution will be a cultural look ( pun intended) at yogurt.  I am knee-deep in fermented milk, as I write and recently completed the book. I will keep you updated on when the book will be released and share some sneak peeks with you as the process unfolds.

I invite you to reach out to me with any comments or questions regarding any of my books.

I can be reached at eatwelldogood18@gmail.com

Until then...

Have a delicious day

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